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About Biopolymers

In the chemical and process industries, NanoChem's BioPolymers help industry meet its environmental and performance goals by providing replacement products for chemicals that are non-biodegradable, toxic, hazardous and accumulating.

Scale inhibition with PolvaspartateNanoChem's BioPolymers show a marked cost improvement in process and product performance. These products have demonstrated value-added performance in a variety of applications including: oil and gas production, industrial water treatment, dispersants, detergents and superabsorbents for baby diapers and adult incontinence products.

NanoChem's BioPolymers allow industry's process and products to become more efficient while significantly reducing the accumulating environmental load. NanoChem's products have gained global regulatory acceptance. In mining applications where seepage water needs to be pumped up to the surface and discharged, NanoChem's BioPolymers were the first approved by the German government for discharge directly into lakes and rivers used as water sources. These biopolymers have been granted the highest environmental rating for discharge into the North Sea oil fields.